My Experience with Divine Truth

Divine Truth (DT) is a series of teachings that I  initially thought was crazy and now believe are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Here’s my story.  

Side note: this is just my opinion of DT, for the best information, I recommend going to the official Divine Truth website and/or YouTube channel.

“They must be crazy”

Some years ago, someone showed me DT YouTube video for the first time.  It was interview with the two main teachers, an Australian couple who claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. The basic idea with DT, I gathered, was that God was real and these two people wanted to teach others how to have a relationship with him.

Whoah.  That was a lot for me to take in.

First Divine Truth Video I encountered

After watching the interview I concluded: 

A. I didn’t believe that they were who they said they were, but 

B. I didn’t believe they were lying.    

I brushed the video off as two nice Aussies who were a bit looney and moved on with my life. 

From Curious to Mind-Blown

Some time past, and I found myself thinking about that Aussie couple again and again, wondering what their “deal” was.  I was curious. Returning to their YouTube channel, I watched more videos, this time with an open mind.

I loved what I was hearing. Mysteries I wondered about for most of my life were being explained en masse-what motivates people to do bad things, the existence of God, the reason for living.  There were talks and seminars about an incredibly wide range of subjects such as family dynamics, world politics, ghosts and a personal favorite, “what happens when you die”. My mind was getting blown. The DT YouTube channel had and still has literally hundreds of hours of material — all for free.

Nervous that others would think I was a weirdo for listening to two people who said they were the messiah and his girlfriend reincarnate, I kept my new fascination mostly to myself.  I googled “Australian Jesus” and read the myriad news articles and blogs basically slamming the couple and saying they were cult leaders.  I felt conflicted.  But then I got real with myself.  I knew, on a deep level, that this DT stuff was truthful, and any reluctance I felt toward it was due to:

A. Fear of other people thinking I was crazy, but even bigger

B. Terror of how my life was going to change if I actually applied what I was hearing.

Taking it Personally.

After watching many hours of DT seminars, lectures and interviews, a few main points in particular stood out to me:  

  1. There is a God and there is plenty of evidence for her existence.
  2. In order to have a relationship with God, or to be truly happy, you have to be in touch with your emotions by giving up your addictions. Addictions being any substance or behavior you engage to avoid emotion.  By DT’s definition, an addiction is not just the quintessential image of a junkie shooting up heroin.  It can be seemingly innocuous behavior like binging a TV show to ‘blow off steam’ or pandering to your cranky spouse so you don’t get into an argument.  
  3. Giving up addictions means that you will automatically experience unpleasant emotions.  Think about taking the heroin away from that junkie, or cancelling someone’s Netflix subscription just as they sit down in front of their TV after a long day at work.  People get pissed off when you take away their creature comforts.

Now I was the one getting I pissed!  I was afraid of potentially feeling unpleasant emotions.  But bigger than my fear were these two burning desires: 

  1. I wanted to be happy.  I knew deep down underneath my achievements and perky, tough chick façade that I was miserable, and had been for most of my life.
  2. I wanted to know God.  Who or what was he? Where was he?  Did he love me, or even know that I existed?

If I really wanted those two things-one thing was clear: I was gonna have to delve into my own personal pain.  

Feeling It

With the Divine Truth teachings as my guide, I started my experiment of giving up addictions by abstaining from marijuana.  That was a big deal for me considering I smoked 4x/day. In a way though, giving up weed was easier than letting go of other non-physical addictions, in that I knew how to give it up- I just had to stop smoking.  Other addictions, I learned, were much more subtle and hard to identify.  Like for instance, complimenting older women I was afraid of so that they would be nice to me.  I had been pandering to dominant women my whole life; ’twas was knee-jerk reaction.  How was I supposed to notice when it was happening let alone stop doing it?

Then there were the emotions themselves.  

I didn’t like feeling angry, or even slightly irritated- that’s why I smoked pot and practiced an hour of yoga every morning!  

I liked even less feeling afraid- that’s why I had a boyfriend at my side throughout my 20s.  

And I definitely, definitely, did not like feeling sad- that’s why I had a drinking problem and a pain in my chest that wouldn’t go away.  

As the emotions came up, I often pushed them back down and numbed out with food or some other addiction, but I experimented with trying to tolerate them more and more.  I found a therapist and told her I wanted to get overwhelmed by my feelings.  I would cry and scream in our sessions and at home. I threw tantrums.  I was pissed that I had to deal with all this pain.  I was resentful of the DT teachings. I wanted the weed back.  I wanted my old life back.  But, as my therapist pointed out, my old life was miserable.  It was familiar and that made it appealing, but it was still miserable.   I knew she was right.

Books I’ve read that helped me deal with my emotions -recommended on DT Website, but popular in mainstream psychology as well.

So I kept going, spurred on by the bouts of happiness I’d have after a big cry.  I journaled my ass off.  I went for walks.  I read books about childhood trauma and repressed emotions. I started really examining my life.  I wondered about God.

This shit works

Over time my life improved.    My finances and living situation leveled up.  I felt and looked better.  I was generally less angry and fearful. Some of my physical problems even went away, like my right arm, which used to hurt so bad at times I was bedridden! Other physical problems flared up, and more pain came up too.  But it feels different now.  I feel more connected to myself and have much more self-love through my bouts of pain. Although I would not currently call myself a happy person, I have more and more happy days, especially after a good cry.

DT went from being something I hid from the world, to something I thought was pain in the ass to this valuable jewel in my life I want to share with the world.  

I went from being a suicidal workaholic pothead to a sober exuberant full-time artist.  The positive change is undeniable.

Me in 2016 (left) and 2019 (right)

And more importantly, I finally feel like I believe in God, and know she’s there.  I’ve even felt her a few times.  It’s still a very distant relationship, but I know it will grow if I continue to pursue it sincerely.

Conclusion- Totally worth it

I’m still just at the beginning of my journey and have so much resistance to feeling stuff and giving up my addictions, but the results of what I have done, are clearly positive. Feeling my pain has allowed me to have a happier and fuller life.  I no longer worry about Jesus and Mary’s identity and I’m much less scared of telling others about it.   

Although the self-work I’ve done is just that, work I did by myself, it was guided and helped so much by the information I learned from Divine Truth.  It’s been so, so helpful.  And I suppose that as I build my relationship with God, I can go directly to him with whatever it is I need in the future. So besides God herself, Divine Truth, in my opinion, is the best information out there to help anyone become happier and more loving to themselves and others.

And I’m so glad I found it.

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  1. In addition to the inspiring and forthright content I knew I would find here, I also have just discovered that you are a really talented writer! So glad you’ve started this project and thank you for letting me know about it!

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