Prey- A Poem

They raised me to blame myself first,
So I never could never point my finger at them.
So I would always beat myself up instead.
So they could avoid their own hurt.

They raised me to self doubt,
So I’ll be there prisoner forever.
Never put two and two together
And realize there was a way out.

They raised me to be scared
so when they raged I’d cower.
Be their doormat-hour by hour
Never say ‘no’- I wouldn’t dare.

They raised me to be their meat,
So I’ll be theirs to feed upon.
Left me maimed and bruised and beat on.
Oh my carcass they were glad to eat.

They raised me to become prey,
So any predator could attack
Knowing I’d never fight back
Knowing I’d always obey.

Photo by Tony McClean

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