Freedom- A Poem

I say I want freedom
But will I say goodbye to the midnight high?

I say I want love
But will I continue with tantrums and denial?

I want life!
(Tip the scale, you will not fail)

I want hope!
(Feel the pain, it stops the drain)

What was my life?

Weed, booze and wild times.
Then meditation, yoga and gurus.
Payments, dues and monstrous fines
Accusations, impatience (that’s not the real you)

Time abroad and time away
Forest shrink and books decay

Vampires visit, I suck their lust
Masks unveiled, broken trust

I’ve been told a simple way to leave all the self destruction behind
Raged to think it was so straight forward to cross that line

Now I’m stuck between the past and a better life

It’s up to me.
What do I want-more freedom or more strife?

Digital painting by the author

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