Full of Life – A Poem

Being accepted was so simple. All I did was wear a costume:

And lots of people wanted me. 


I was the Jester.

Humiliated myself. Smiled and performed 

So they would feel higher


I was the Ornament

Eviscerated myself. Twinkled and twirled

So they would look good


But it felt so bad.

So I took off the costume:

And now it feels like nobody wants me


I stood up for myself

 And she said I attacked her.

I cried, “you’re hurting me”

 And he stopped calling


And since my oxygen is their approval,

Since their validation my bread and butter,

I’m barely breathing

And my stomach gnaws empty.

I’m listless and pointless.

It feels like I’m going to shrivel up and die like this.


And they’ll say it was a shame, 

She used to be so fun 

and full of life.

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